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    4 days ago
    Joe Hage
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    I'm very interested in your take on this. Mahesh Mulumudi, MD, is Division Chief of Medicine for Providence Regional Medical Center. He probably has as much influence on hospital buying decisions as any clinician there. Which made his comme...
    2 weeks ago
    Joe Hage
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    Fake news and corporate espionage are alive and well, which is more than we can say about Brian Meshkin's startup, Proove Biosciences. I'm angry for a number of reasons. First, deliberate lies destroyed a company. 278 people lost their jobs. Second, ...
    4 weeks ago
    Joe Hage
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    Hi, Friends. I'm taking a different approach to this week's Medical Devices Group message because I have lots of things to share. In no particular order... ONE: 52 job openings in Seattle! I just discovered an immunology company that's adding 25% to ...

      Our annual event, the 10x Medical Device Conference,
      is May 15-16 in San Diego. Join us!

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      10x Medical Device Conference is the cross-functional event where the entire medical device ecosystem convenes to grow your skills, network, and profit.

      It’s designed to foster strong professional relationships among medical device players eager to learn smarter ways to do things with industry-leading resources.

      For what level? This medical device event is geared equally for senior and junior level professionals in the medical device industry.

      • If you’re senior, you’ll return with ideas the team can use.
      • If junior, you’ll return with specific lessons, materials, and action items to do your job better.

      Webinars Available for Immediate Download...

      What You Need to Know Before Manufacturing a Wearable Device

      Walt Maclay Voler

      Recorded January 23, 2019
      A plenary session from Walt about the steps you need to take to build a better wearable device and get it cleared through FDA.

      Access the slides and replay now.

      A Much Easier Way to Access and Use FDA Databases

      Rachel Benway Reed Tech Navigator

      Recorded December 11, 2018
      If you routinely access FDA databases, you know it’s a hassle searching multiple sites and matching the data up get a holistic view of the issue. I think I found a solution and I'm inviting you along to discover it with me.

      Access the slides and replay now.

      How to Prepare a Medical Device 510(k) Submission for the FDA

      Rob Packard Medical Device Academy

      Recorded October 25, 2018
      FDA made a lot of changes to the 510(k) process since our last webinar with Rob. Here, he'll cover imminent changes and share new tips and tricks he learned from dozens of pre-submissions.

      Access the slides and replay now.