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    23 hours ago
    Joe Hage
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    So asked a group member. I replied, a smart request is "help me build awareness among decision makers who buy my products and services." And, perhaps, "and end users so they ask their doctors" – but I don't recommend it for medical device companies. ...
    3 weeks ago
    Joe Hage
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    I had been trying to get a packaging expert on the 10x stage for three years because we'd never covered it in depth as a group. It was worth the wait. Adept Packaging sent 35+ year veteran Jan Gates to speak and she did not disappoint. This video is ...
    4 weeks ago
    It appears this topic was covered in this forum back in 2012 and the HIDA conference was suggested as a possible resource. I've heard both positive and negative experiences concerning finding medical device distribution partners at HIDA and was hopin...

      Concept exploration: A guide to help transition you from MDD to MDR

      Michelle Lott, RAC and I believe the medical device industry desperately needs a resource that maps current MDD directives to May 2020 MDR regulations.

      It would compare the two so you understand precisely where to focus your efforts.

      Would you value it?
      It’s too cumbersome – and risky – for us to create on our own. Here’s our dilemma:

      The chicken: We would need to spend at least $36,000 to create it.
      We calculate we’d need at least 600 hours to compile.
      • At $60/hour, that’s a $36,000 expense.

      The egg: Is there at least $36,000 in demand for it?
      While Michelle and I are willing to spearhead the effort, neither of us can afford to lose money on it.
      • Would YOU buy a copy?
      • How much would you pay for it?

      In sum,
      1. The industry needs this resource.
      2. We can’t build it ourselves.
      3. We can’t afford to risk $36,000.

      If you’d value it, now’s the time to indicate your interest.

      Please, click below to send me an email.

      Yes, this might interest me.

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      How to Outperform Your Competition Online

      Todd hartley

      Live event! July 9, 2019 at 9 a.m. Pacific time
      Master storyteller, WireBuzz CEO Todd Hartley, joins us to explain how to pull your device prospects through your sales funnel faster by integrating tactical business videos into your marketing and sales process.

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      What You Need to Know Before Manufacturing a Wearable Device

      Walt Maclay Voler

      Recorded January 23, 2019
      A plenary session from Walt about the steps you need to take to build a better wearable device and get it cleared through FDA.

      Access the slides and replay now.

      A Much Easier Way to Access and Use FDA Databases

      Rachel Benway Reed Tech Navigator

      Recorded December 11, 2018
      If you routinely access FDA databases, you know it’s a hassle searching multiple sites and matching the data up get a holistic view of the issue. I think I found a solution and I'm inviting you along to discover it with me.

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