Raising Early Stage Investments

Raising Early Stage Investments was a panel topic at the Medtech Showcase in January.

Among the points that caught my ear:

• Joseph Gulfo: When you raise public money, ask (1) What is the maximum percent of a company the investor can own and (2) What is the investor’s minimum bite size? These help you determine if you’ll get their money.

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Thomas Weldon Accuitive Medical Ventures on working with VCs

Joe Hage: Hi, it’s Joe. I’m here with Thomas Weldon. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Accuitive Medical Ventures venture fund and we were talking in the hall at the Innovation in Medtech Conference in Dublin here in April 2016.

And Thomas was sharing with me how he goes about choosing the companies in which he invests. Would you repeat what you told me out in the hall?

Thomas Weldon: Yeah, sure. There are a couple of things. We look for very large market opportunities first. Typically something that would have at least $500 million in addressable market – not just the total market but actually the addressable market.

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View from the Medical Device CFO’s Office

CFO Rick Baron (Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Globus Medical) gave us his perspective on being a chief financial officer in the life science industry at the 2015 10x Medical Device Conference.

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Nobody Wants Your Walker


“You’ve seen these walkers everybody has? Those four-legged walkers? Nobody wants a four-legged walker and that’s what Medicare is going to give you,” said Michael Serhan, Executive Principal for Drive Medical, at last year’s 10x Medical Device Conference.

Tom Ryan, the CEO and President of the American Association for Homecare, added, “We too often follow the reimbursement and we don’t follow the needs of the patient.”

Here is the video and click through for the transcript:

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Rhonda Rhyne on the “Health Care Revolution: Power of OMICS, Big Data, and AI”

Rhonda Rhyne keynoteAt the 10x Medical Device Conference in May 2015, our keynote Rhonda Rhyne talked about the “Health Care Revolution: Power of OMICS, Big Data, and AI.”

She discussed the mapping of the human genome, what’s to follow shortly thereafter, and took questions about what Medical Devices Group members can learn from her successful journey in medical devices.

Here is the video and click through for the transcript:

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What Kaiser Permanente Requires of Vendors Like You

It was a real treat to have John Mattison, Chief Medical Information Officer at Kaiser Permanente, address the 10x Medical Device Conference audience in May 2014.

He answered the question on everyone’s mind: What do I have to do to get my products into Kaiser Permanente?

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Big Data Analytics and the Transformation of Healthcare

Here is the complete 10x talk by Dr. Marty Kohn, formerly the Chief Medical Scientist for IBM's Watson, now the Chief Medical Scientist for Jointly Health.

It's hard to summarize all the salient points for you but here are three points that really stuck out for me:
• First, if you measure, record, and store health data, how do you make sure it gets used?
• Second, the former administrator for CMS published a paper about waste in healthcare and concluded 34% of what we spend in healthcare is valueless.
• And third, in 2010, the National Library of Medicine catalogued 699,000 new articles. Marty joked, "I didn’t read them all."

"If I had a tool that could read all 699,000 articles and pull out ideas I could use to make a better decision for a specific patient, that would be pretty helpful."

In essence, that's what IBM's Watson does. He went further: Watson is going to be extended to other areas of healthcare. It addresses free text, natural language, journal articles, guidelines, the narrative part of the electronic health record.

Enjoy this fascinating talk – and consider engaging our thought leaders live at next year's 10x Medical Device Conference.

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How Medical Device Company SurModics Uses Analytics

Ken Ritterspach (iQdecisions) and Christopher Buschmann (SurModics) immediately followed and built on Marty Kohn's 10x presentation about Big Data Analytics and the Transformation of Healthcare.

Ken put it concisely: Big data is here. Now. It's not a futuristic thing.

How are you going to make it work for your organization?

Christopher shares how SurModics is mining the data to its best advantage.

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Global Medical Device Channel Management

From this year’s 10x Medical Device Conference, Dave Sheppard (our Advisory Board member for distribution) and Eric Knudsen, his former Covidien colleague (now Director, Business Development for ZOLL Medical) gave make-or-break advice to medical device manufacturers considering global expansion.

Highlights from the talk:

BRICs: Before you succumb to ‘We want to be in the BRICs… they are such big markets,’ here are the questions to ask first.
Analysis: How to perform a P.E.S.T. Analysis.
Rights: Why assigning rights to a distributor can degrade the value of your company.
Safety: Where Eric was robbed at gunpoint and where he was shaken down for a bribe.
Negotiating: When negotiating a deal with an international distributor, how to frame marketing, selling time, and pricing into the equation.
Measurement: Which metrics Dave would specifically measure to evaluate his Covidien distributors’ performance.

And Good News! Dave and Eric both plan to join 10x again in May 2015. Consider joining us!

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Daniel Kraft on ‘Reimagining Health, Medical Devices, and BioMedicine’

This is a gift. A must-watch video from Dr. Daniel Kraft, the keynote speaker from our second-annual 10x Medical Device Conference. He is the Medicine and Neuroscience Chair at Singularity University and leads the annual Exponential Medicine conference.

In it, Daniel gives a fascinating account of the exponential changes we’re experiencing in healthcare delivery. He touches upon human genome sequencing, digital health, innovations in neuroscience, Alzheimer’s diagnoses, cardiology, wearables, insideables, mobile apps, and much more. It’s an enjoyable fast-paced presentation you’ll want to watch to catch up on where the industry is going.

See the video here:

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