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Beth Brooks
Health Economics & Reimbursement
Joe Hage
Tom KraMer
Design Engineering
Doug Limbach
Intellectual Property
Robert Packard
Gary Saner
Unique Device Identification (UDI)
Dave Sheppard
Medical M&A Advisory
Carlos Soares
Supply Chain Strategy
Michael Sperduti
Medical Device Sales

Dave Sheppard, CMAA is a Principal and Founder of MedWorld Advisors (MWA). MWA is dedicated to Creating Value Growth for Med Device, MedTech, Biotech, Life Sciences & Health Care companies on a global basis.

Dave Sheppard, Medical M&A Advisory

Dave Sheppard (bio) can help you with questions regarding:

  • Maximizing value for your Medical / Healthcare company when you sell.
  • Making acquisitions that create value for today and tomorrow.
  • Unlocking value thru-out your organization to optimize returns.
  • How to prepare to have a successful exit within 1 to 5 years.
  • Finding strategic alliances and international partners for commercial growth.

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